Top 100 Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples

आज इस Phrases meaning in hindi पोस्ट में आप कुछ महत्तवपूर्ण phrases सीखने जा रहे हैं । यदि आप इस पोस्ट में दिए गए सभी Phrases और Examples को ध्यान से सीखेंगे तो इनका प्रयोग आप अंग्रेजी बोलने में बहुत ही आसानी से कर पाएँगे; शायद आपको पता होगा कि बिना phrases के अच्छी बोलने की संभावना खत्म हो जाती है ।

मैं उम्मीद करता हूँ कि आप इस पोस्ट में दिए गए सभी Phrases को ध्यान से पढ़ें, समझेंगे और अंग्रेजी बोलने में प्रयोग करेंगे ।

अब हम ज्यादा बात नहीं करेंगे बल्कि Phrases meaning in Hindi सीखना शुरु करते हैं.

Top 100 Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples For English Speaking

Piping hot – बहुत गर्म/ताजा -She always prefers to have her breakfast piping hot.

Play a trick on – किसी के साथ मजाक करना – We should not play a trick on them.

Play fast and loose with – काम पूरा न करने की परवाह करना – Why should you play fast and loose with your promises?

Pocket an insult – अपमान सहकर खामोश रहना – They have to often pocket insults from his parents.

Play second fiddle – निचला स्थान स्वीकारना – Why do you always play second fiddle?

Play something by the ear – अन्दाज से कार्यवाही करना – She decided to play it by the ear rather than show his ignorance by asking a lot of questions.

Poet Laureate – राजकवि – You know, Wordsworth was the poet laureate for England during the early nineteenth century.

Play the game – नियमानुसार करना – Whatever you want to do here, play the game.

Play truant – भाग जाना – Why does he play truant.

Point blank – तत्काल – I asked some money but he refused point blank.

Play up to – खुशामद करना – Why does he always play up to you in the office?

Poison the mind – किसी के खिलाफ दिमाग में जहर घोलना – He tried to poison her mind against her brother.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples

Pros and cons – किसी समस्या के परस्पर विरोधी अंग – Who will take a decision only after weighing the pros and cons of the matter.

Pull one’s punches – नर्म आलोचना करना – We should always pull his punches.

Pull one’s weight – जिम्मेदारी निभाना – He can pull his family weight.

Put a spoke in one’s wheel – प्रगति में रुकावट – How can he put a spoke in my wheel?

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

Put down in black and white – लिखकर रखना – The evidence is here in black and white.

Put it to one – राय के लिए पेश करना – He wants to put it to you, is it wise to squander money like this.

Put out on his guard – किसी को सावधान करना – We should put his accomplice on his guard.

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Some More Interesting Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples

Phrases Meaning In Hindi

Put one’s foot down – सख्त मनाही करना – He asked for some money; I put his foot down.

Put one’s foot in it – बहुत बड़ी गलती करना – Rakesh put his foot in it when he addressed the chief guest by the wrong name.

Put one’s hand to a thing – कोई काम हांथ में लेना – If you put your hand into this job, you will find it very difficult.

Put one’s shoulder to the wheel – स्वयं खूब प्रयास करना – He puts his shoulder to the wheel for success.

Put something by for a rainy day – बचत करना – People should put something away for a rainy day.

Put the cart before the horse – कोई काम उलटे सिरे से शुरु करना – He always put the cart before the horse.

Put the screw – जबरदस्ती रोकना – They can put the screw on  doing this work.

Put things ship shape – ठीक जचाकर रखना – Clean the car and put everything in the shape of a ship.

Put to bed – सुलाना -Go and put this child to bed.

Put to flight – भगाना – How can you put the enemy to flight.

Put to sea – समुद्री यात्रा आरम्भ करना – This ship will be put to sea tomorrow.

Put to shame – लज्जित करना – He put me to shame by his generous behavior.

Put to the sword – कत्ल करना – They put many innocent Indians to sword.

Put up to – उकसाना – Why did you put him up to this mischief?

Quarrel with one’s bread and butter – जहाँ से रोटी मिलती है वहाँ के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी से झगड़ा करना – He quarreled with his bread and butter some days ago.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

Queer fish – अस्थिर व्यक्ति – I never know how she might behave. She is a queer fish.

Quick of understanding – तेज बुद्धि वाला – My brother was quick to understand and easily grasped the subject.

Quite a few – बहुत सारे – Quite a few students come to learn English here.

Rack one’s brains – बहुत अधिक सोचना – Why do you rack your brains?

Racy style – विशिष्ट शैली – How do you write in a racy style?

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Read between the lines – अतिरिक्त मतलब समझ जाना – He reads between the lines.

Read upon – जानकारी एकत्र करना – Can you read upon ?

Ready money – नकद रुपया – Do you have ready money to make the payment ?

Ready pen – जल्द लिखने की क्षमता – A Journalist has to have a ready pen.

Real estate – मकान आदि अचल संपत्ति -The most safe investment these days is the one in real estate.

Red letter day – स्वर्ण दिन – August 1947 is a red letter day in Indian history.

Red tape – दफ्तरी कार्यवाही में विलम्ब होना – The red tape of the government thwarts many promising projects.

Rest on one’s laurels – और यश प्राप्ति हेतु कोशिश न करना – You must not rest on your laurels.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

Rest on one’s oars – थोड़ा यश प्राप्ति के बाद कोशिश बंद कर देना – We should not rest on our oats.

Ride a hobby – अपने प्रिय विषय की ही बातें करते रहना – He always rides a hobby during traveling.

Right hand man – प्रमुख सहायक/दाहिना हांथ होना – He is my right hand man.

Right here – इसी जगह – Keep it right here.

Right now – तत्काल इसी समय – They should go home right now.

Rise like a phoenix from its ashes – नष्ट की हुई वस्तु का फिर से जीवित होना – Many times the tyrant stamped out revolt in his kingdom, but it kept on rising like a phoenix from its ashes.

Rise to the occasion – किसी विशेष अवसर का मुकाबला करना – Are you ready to rise to the occasion ?

Roaring business – बहुत तेजी का व्यवसाय – I started a small shop but it has been a roaring business.

Rough guess – मोटा अन्दाजा – At a rough guess I would say there were about fifty people at Son’s party.

Round dozen – पूरा दर्जन – This man has a dozen children.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

Rule of thumb – योग्यता नहीं अनुभव के बल पर कार्य करना – He does the job only by rule of thumb.

Rule the roost – दूसरों पर रोब डालना – I don’t like Rakesh. He always tries to rule the roost.

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Ruling passion – जीवन का स्थायी भाव – The Use of mobile phones has been the ruling passion of society.

Run away with – बह जाना/एक ही भाव के लिए बैठे रहना – If you let your feelings run away with your judgment, you will not make a good judge.

Run in the blood – परिवार में आनुवंशिक होना – Fighting runs in his blood.

Run of good luck – अनुकूल भाग्य का अवसर – He had a run of good luck and made a big profit.

Run on a bank – लोगों की ओर से बैंक से तुरंत रुपए निकालने का आग्रह – There was a run on the bank as the rumor spread that it was being closed down.

Run out of – समाप्त हो जाना – We ran out of petrol on our way to Agra.

Run riot – निरंकुश बर्ताव करना – The poet’s imagination has run riot in this poem.

Scot free – बचकर निकलना – The robbers went scot free from police.

Search me – मुझे पता नहीं – Why did she get so angry suddenly ? search me.

Seasoned food – मसाले दार भोजन – I know that seasoned food is tasty but it is harmful for health.

See How the land lies – चारों ओर की परिस्थिति का अंदाजा लगाना – We will attack the enemy at night after seeing how the land lies.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

See how the wind blows – परिस्थिति का अंदाजा लगाना – We want to launch the products in the market this month after seeing how the wind blows.

See the light – प्रकाशित होना – He says he has written a book. But If he has, it is yet to see the light.

See through coloured spectacles – पूर्वाग्रह या पूर्ण दृष्टि – Don’t see through coloured spectacles.

Send one about the business – किसी को तुच्छता पूर्वक चलता करना – I told him about his business.

Serve one right – योग्य सजा मिलना – He was trying to push Ravi but fell himself. It served one right.

Set a scheme on foot – योजना आरम्भ करना – After we had worked out all the details we set the scheme on foot.

Set a defiance – परवाह न करना – He set the law of land at defiance and landed up in jail.

Set eyes on – देखना – I happened to set my eyes on a strange sight.

Set one on his legs again – दुखी व्यक्ति की सहायता कर उसे फिर से खड़ा करना – I gave him a loan to set him on his legs again.

Set one’s face against – कड़ा विरोध करना – He set his face against me.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

Set one’s heart on – बहुत चाहना – My son has set his heart on going abroad for higher studies.

Set one’s house in order – अपने कार्यक्रम की ठीक ढंग से व्यवस्था करना – He has set the house in order.

Set one’s teeth – कठीनाई सहन करने का निश्चय करना – I had set my teeth and was determined not to give up.

Set sail – समुद्री यात्रा आरम्भ करना – Let us go on board, the ship is about to set sail.

Set store in – बहुत महत्तव देना – You don’t seem to set store in his advice.

Settle an account – झगड़ा करना – I have to settle an account with Shyam.

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Interesting Phrases From English to Hindi For English Learners

Sharp practice – अप्रमाणिक व्यवहार – It is said that he has made good money through sharp practice.

Shooting star – उल्का – Have you ever seen a shooting star.

Show a bold front – उठकर विरोध करने का भाव दिखना – You only have to show a bold front and he will yield to your demand.

Show fight – लड़ने की तैयारी दिखाना – A bully is a coward, and he will back out if you show fight.

Shut one’s mouth – किसी को चुप करना – You can easily shut his mouth if you remind him of his foolish behavior in the last party.

Sick bed – बीमार व्यक्ति का बिस्तर – How did you get into the sick bed ? Till yesterday you were alright.

Sick leave – बीमारी के कारण ली हुई छुट्टी – I have been on sick leave for the last week.

Side issue – गौण प्रसंग – We will take up the side issues after we are through with the main problem.

Phrases Meaning In Hindi With Examples :

Side line – मुख्य कार्य के अलावा कार्य – We are mainly dealers in ready-made garments, but sale of hosiery items is our side.

Sightseeing – दृश्यावलोकन – During our hult in Madras we went sight seeing.

Single blessedness – अविवाहित अवस्था – Why should I marry ? I don’t want to give up the state of single blessedness.

Sink money – किसी व्यवसाय में सदा के लिए धन लगाना – He has sunk a lot of money in a business of precious stones and nothing has come out of it.

Sit up with – बैठे रहना – As her husband was ill she sat up with him throughout the night.

Sleeping partner – किसी व्यवसाय में सक्रिय भाग न लेने वाला भागीदार – He is a sleeping partner in my business.

Slip of the pen – लिखने में थोड़ी गलती होना – It was just a slip of the pen when I wrote ‘Dood’ instead of good.

Slip of the tongue – बोलने में थोड़ी गलती होना – I didn’t mean to hurt you. It was just a slip of the tongue.

Slip through one’s fingers – हांथ से निकल जाना – Had you been a little careful this golden opportunity would not have slipped through your fingers.

Small arms – पिस्तौल आदि हथियार – Illegal distribution of small arms has given a fillip to crime in our area.

Small fry – छोटा/नगण्य – He is only a small fry.

Small hours – सुबह के पहले का समय – As I had to catch a flight I got up in the small hours of the morning.

Small talk – गपशप – We passed a pleasant hour of small talk.

Snake in the grass – आस्तीन का सांप – Don’t ever trust Mohan. He is a snake in the grass.

So far – अब तक – So far I have completed only five chapters of this book.

Sound a person – किसी विचार का पता बताना – I learn you have been sounded for the general manager’s post.

Sound beating – अच्छी तरह पिटाई करना – The teacher caught on to Ramesh’s mischief and gave him a sound beating.

Sour grapes – अंगूर खट्टे  – She said that grapes were sour.

Sow one’s wild oats – युवावस्था में भ्रष्ट जीवन बिताना – After sowing his wild oats he has now got a job and finally settle it.

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Spare time – आराम का समय – In my spare time I prefer to read.

Speak extempore – किसी मौके पर बिना पहली तैयारी के भाषण देना – Although he spoke extempore it was a fine speech.

Speak for itself – खुद बोलना – I am not exaggerating by praising him. His work speaks for itself.

Speak for one – किसी की तरफ से बोलना – As he was too shy to put forward his case I had to speak for him.

Speak well for – अच्छा अभिप्राय निकालना – The neatness of his writing speaks well for him.

Spin a yarn – कहानी कहना – Are you telling the truth or just spinning a yarn.

Split hair – बहुत बारीक फर्क निकालना – You should not split hairs, but take a broad view of the matter.

Spur of the moments – उसी क्षण – On the spur of the moment We decided to go to Simla for vacation.

Stand in another man’s shoes – किसी दूसरे की जगह में – In his absence I have to stand in his shoes.

Stand in good stead – बहुत काम आना – His regular habit of saving stood him in good stead in difficult times.

Stand on ceremony with – शिष्टाचार पालन करना – Please be at ease; you don’t have to stand on ceremony with me.

Stand one’s ground – किसी बात पर डटे रहना – He put forth many objections to my proposal but I stood my ground.

Stand a chance – संभावना होना – Although the rival cricket team was quite good it did not stand a chance of beating us.

Stand out against – हार न मानना – We tried our best to take him along for the expedition, but he stood against all our efforts.

Stand to reason – समझदारी के अनुकूल होना – It stands to reason that he would side with you.

Stare one in the face – कोई संकट सामने उपस्थित होना – During his trek across the desert he ran out of water supply and death stared him in the face.

Steer clear of – दूर रहना – Why do you get involved with bad characters ? You should steer clear of them.

Stick at nothing – कुछ भी करने से न झिंकना – He is so ambitious that he will stick at nothing to get ahead of others.

Stone deaf – पूर्णत : बहरा – My grandfather was already hard of hearing but, of late, she has become stone deaf.

Stone’s throw – बहुत थेड़ा सा फासला होना – The railway station is just stone’s throw

Strain every nerve – अत्यधिक कोशिश करना – Although he strained every nerve to get audience’s attention nobody listened to him.

Strait-laced person – संकुचित मनोवृद्धि का व्यक्ति – His ideas are too His ideas are too liberal for a strait-laced person like his father.

Strike a bargain – सौदा पटाना – The fruit seller was asking for eight rupees for one kilogram of grapes. But I managed to strike a bargain and got them for six only.

Strike while the iron is hot – अवसर आने पर लाभ उठाना – We should strike while the iron is hot.

Strong language – गुस्से से भरी भाषा – Don’t Use such strong language in the company of ladies.

Sum and substance – कुल मिलाकर मतलब  – The sun and substance of my argument is that it is now too late to do anything.

Swallow the bait – प्रयोजन से ठग जाना – Election time promises are made to catch votes and many illiterate and ignorant men swallow the bait.

ऊपर बताए गए सभी Phrases meaning in Hindi को पढ़ना कैसा लगा ? यदि आपको पढ़ना अच्छा लगा तो आप इस पोस्ट को अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर जरुर करें; धन्यवाद !

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