Meaning Of Words In Hindi To English With Examples

हैलो, दोस्तों ! आज मैं आपको इस Meaning of words in Hindi to English post में सीखाऊँगा कुछ बेहतरीन word meanings जिसे अच्छे से सीखने के बाद आपकी अंग्रेजी हो जाएगी और भी बेहतर । आप तो अच्छे से जानते होंगे कि यदि किसी का Word power अच्छा नहीं है तो उसे अंग्रेजी बोलने और लिखने में बहुत दिक्कत होती है –

मैं आपको विश्वास दिलाता हूँ कि यदि आप इस post में दिए गए सभी Word meanings और Examples को अच्छे से पढ़ें और समझें तो काफी हद तक आपका word power अच्छा हो जाएगा; तो चलिए बिना देर किए हम पढ़ते हैं – Meaning of words in Hindi to English with Examples और अपनी अंग्रेज़ी को बनाते हैं और भी बेहतर और प्रभावकारी.

Meaning Of Words In Hindi To English With Examples

Meaning Of Words In Hindi to English With Examples

विवाहित स्त्री का विवाहपूर्व नाम-Maiden name

What is the maiden name of Mrs.Arvind ?

पहला भाषण- Maiden speech

The new M.P. of our area promised to bring electricity in our town in his maiden speech.

सब कुछ बता देना- Make a clean breast of something

The accused made a clean breast of everything.

कोई काम निश्चित रुप से करने का विचार रखना- Make a point

I make it a point of buying a new car every month.

कोई अप्रिय कार्य मजबूरी में करना- Make a virtue of necessity

Knowing that the landlord was about to drive him out he vacated the house himself. Thus making a virtue of necessity.

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उदाहरण देना या मिलना- Make an example of

I must make an example of behaving in the same rude manner as he does with others.

क्षति-पूर्ति करना- Make amends for

By his good deed today he had made amends for Past misbehavior.

जिसको करने के लिए ढाढस की आवश्यकता है- Make bold to

We made the bold call directly to the minister to present our memorandum of demands.

आय में गुजारा कर पाना- Make both ends meet

In a poor country like India a lot of people find it difficult to make both ends meet.

किसी कार्य में किसी को सहयोग देना- Make common cause with

I will make common cause with you in your efforts to eradicate the evil of casteism from the country.

परिस्थिति अनुकूल होने का फायदा उठाना-Make hay while the sun shines

When business was good he worked hard and made money; he believe in making hay while the sun shines.

विशेष महत्व देना- Make light of

Although Rakesh had committed a serious mistake in the ledger yet he tried to make light of it.

छोटी सी बात का बहुत शोर मचाना- Make much ado about nothing

I am only five minutes late, so don’t make much ado about nothing.

कुछ भी समझ में न आना- Make neither head nor tail

He was so confused that I could make neither head nor tail of what he said.

किसी बात को साफ-साफ कह देना- Make no bones about

She made no bones about her distance for mathematics.

साहसिक कार्य करना- Make one fire

I am amazed at your capacity for hard work and I wonder what makes you fire.

गुणों से सम्मान प्राप्त करना- Make his mark

It did not take him long to make his mark at the college.

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मुंह में पानी भरना- Make their mouth water

As I was hungry the sight of cake made my mouth water.

प्रतिकूल परिस्थिति में धीरे-धीरे प्रगति करना- Make his way

I made my way through the great crowd.

अपना ही घर समझकर बिना संकोच व्यवहार करना- Make oneself at home

Please, make yourself at home; there is no need to be formal.

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चले जाना- Make oneself scarce

Don’t trouble me. Make yourself scarce.

जल्द खत्म कर देना- Make short of

Our lawyer was quite smart and made short of the defence counsel’s arguments.

प्रतिकूल परिस्थिति को खुशी से झेलना- Make the best of

If we can not find a larger apartment we will continue living here and make the best of what we have.

निराशाजनक परिस्थिति का यथासंभव लाभ उठाना- Make the best of a bad bargain

As the cloth was little damaged, I got it very cheap; thus making the best of a bad bargain.

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क्षति-पूर्ति करना- Make up for

You will have to make up for the loss you have caused.

सोचकर कार्य की दिशा तय करना- Make up one’s mind

Have you made up your mind about my proposal to go to America this summer ?

खुशामद करना- Make up to

Ravi had been making up to the manager in the hope of a promotion.

हजारों में एक- Man in a thousand

I like Ramesh very much; in my opinion he is a man in a thousand.

सर्वसाधारण व्यक्ति- Man in the street

The critics praised him as a great author. but the man in the street did not think much of him.

साहित्यकार- Man of letters

He started writing at a very young age and is now an acknowledged man of letter.

विविध गुणों वाला व्यक्ति- Man of parts

He is a singer, a dancer and a musician; in short a man of parts.

जिसमें कुछ दम नहीं- Man of straw

He is a man of straw. You can not possibly rely on him.

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चालीस से साठ के दरम्यान की आयु- Middle age

Although he is middle aged yet he looks quite young.

दया का भाव- Milk of human kindness

She is the full of the milk of human kindness.

दूसरों के काम में दखल न देना- Mind one’s own business

Mind your business; don’t interfere in my personal affairs.

अवसर खोना- Miss the boat

It was a golden opportunity for him to make a profit, but choosy as he is, he missed the boat.

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विवाद का विषय- Moot point

Whether school children should be given sex education or not is a moot point.

किसी काम के लिए अत्यधिक प्रयत्न करना- Move heaven and earth

He will move heaven and earth to find out about the murderer.

कोई बात नहीं- Naked eye

You can not look straight at the sun at noon with naked eye.

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करीब-करीब कुछ भी नहीं- Next to nothing

The children have eaten the entire loaf of bread and there is next to nothing left.

केवल थोड़े ही दिनों के लिए ध्यान आकर्षित करने वाली कोई नयी चीज़- Nine days wonder

Many a scientific inventions have proved just nine day’s wonders.

कोई चीज प्रारम्भ में ही खत्म कर देना- Nip in the bud

The government nipped the revolt in the bud.

अनबन/दुश्मनी होना- No love lost between

Although Mr. Ramesh and Rakesh do not quarrel openly there is no lost between them.

निचले दर्जे का होना- Not fit to hold a candle

Most of the English dramatists are not even fit to hold a candle to Shakespeare.

बिल्कुल नहीं- Not on your life

I asked Ashok if he was interested in joining politics and he retarded : “not on your life.”

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नालायक व्यक्ति- Not worth his salt

I had employed him as he had brought good certificates, but I soon found out that he was really not worth his salt.

व्यर्थ- Null and void

This offers is open for fix months, after which it will become null and void.

समान, सदृश- Of a piece

Ram and Shyam are of a piece in their general conduct.

आजकल- Of late

Of late many girls have started dressing like boys.

कभी-कभी- Off and on

He drops in off and on for a chat with me.

बुद्धि भ्रष्ट होना- Off one’s head

How can you say I won’t help you ? Are you off your head.

खुशामद की भाषा- Oily tongue

I have seen many people falling prey to his oily tongue.

उत्सुकता से बेचैन होना- On edge

Expecting his examination result any moment he was on an edge throughout.

सावधान/सचेत रहना- On one’s guard

He tried to trick me, but I was on my guard.

खत्म होने की तैयारी में होना- On one’s last legs

This hotel project is on its last legs now.

सावधान- On the alert

The commander asked the guards to be on the alert.

एकदम, जल्द- On the double

Double up to your quarters soldiers.

किसी कार्य का समय आ पहुँचने पर- On the eve of

On the eve of his marriage he fell ill.

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सावधान या सचेत रहना- On the look out

The police inspector asked all constables to be on the look out for the thief.

तत्काल- On the spot

During police firing firing one man died on the spot.

प्रभाव कम होते जाना- On the wane

The British Empire’s influence is now on the wane.

साधारणतया- On the whole

I have slight doubts about certain things, but on the whole, I agree with you.

समय पर- On time

Did you reach office on time today.

आखिरी बार निश्चित रुप से- Once and for all

I am warning you once and for all to mend your ways.

कभी-कभी, एकाध बार- Once in a while

Earlier I used to see a film every Sunday, but now I go only once in a while.

प्राचीन काल में- Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a king, who was very powerful.

सबके सब- One and all

The soldiers one and all were drunk.

गोली चलाना प्रारम्भ करना- Open fire

As the enemy approached, we opened fire.

रुपए उदारता से खर्च करने वाला व्यक्ति-Open-handed man

He is an open-handed man and will certainly help you with money.

किसी बात पर निर्णय पर न पहुँचना- Open mind

I have an Open mind on this question.

अपने गुप्त विचार बता देना- Open one’s mind

She opened her mind to me and told me that she was in love with him.

अनिर्णीत बात- Open question

Whether the government will accept opposition’s this proposal or not is an open question.

ऐसा राज जो सबको मालूम हो गया हो- Open secret

It is an open secret that this film star is bad and wears a wig

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कोई चीज या कार्य प्रचलित होना- Order of the day

Nowadays, jeans are the order of the day.

गरीब, निर्धन- Out at elbows

He has suffered heavy losses in business and is now out at elbows.

थक जाना, जोर-जोर से सांस लेना- Out of breath

He ran very fast and was out of breath, when he reached here.

पुराना- Out of date

Double-breasted coats are now out of date.

घर के बाहर- Out of doors

One must spend some time out of doors.

बिना बिलम्ब, तत्काल- Out of hand

If you do this job out of hand you will be free in the evening.

पागल हो जाना- Out of one’s mind

You are shouting and screaming as If you are out of your mind.

काम न करने वाला यंत्र- Out of order

I had to take a taxi because my car was out of order.

कोई चीज अथवा कोई कार्य सामने न होने से/दिखने से भूल जाना- Out of sight, out of mind

Even when I was in Mumbai I remembered you always. It was not a question of out of sight, out of mind.

स्वास्थ्य थोड़ा-सा ठीक न होना- Out of sorts

I feel out of sorts today.

असामयिक अथवा असंबध्य- Out of step

Your remark is quite out of step in what we are discussing.

गुस्से में होना- Out of temper

Be on your guard, the boss seems to be out of temper today.

बार-बार- Over and over

He is such a dull boy that I have to explain to him the same thing over and over.

रात में- Overnight

It’s quite late, why don’t you stay here over night.

इसके अलावा- Over and above

Over and above this consideration, there is another I wish to mention.

समझ में न आना- Over one’s head

The speech of chairman was so pedantic that it went over the heads of the audience.

उसी का अंग होना- Part and parcel

Every person is Part and parcel of the society.

जैसे को तैसा- Pay one back in his own coin

Don’t play tricks on him, otherwise he will pay you back in your own coin.

कुंजी के बिना ताला खोलना- Pick a lock

The burglar picked the lock and broke into house


किसी के साथ उलझना- Pick a quarrel with 

The soldier was furious over his insulting remark and was determined to pick a quarrel with the sailor.

त्रुटियाँ निकालना- Pick holes

Scientists tried to pick holes in his theory.

पाकिट मारना- Pickpocket

A young boy was arrested by the police firing picking a man’s pocket.

दूसरे का बिल चुकाना- Pick up the tale

When he went abroad to attend an International conference, his company picked up the tale.

किसी को जिम्मेदार ठहराना- Pin something on

Despite his best efforts the public prosecutor could not pin the robbery on the accused.

उत्तम स्वास्थ्य होना- Pink of condition

If you want to make a name as an athlete you must be in the pink of condition.

ऊपर बताए गए सभी Word Meanings को पढ़कर आपको कैसा लगा ? यदि इस post से आपको कोई लाभ मिला तो आप इस Meaning of words in Hindi to English post को अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर जरुर करें; धन्यवाद !

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