Conversation Between Teacher And Student

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Conversation Between Teacher And Student

Useful Conversation Between Teacher And Student in English

Teacher : Your name, dear?

Student : Vikas Maurya.

Teacher : Hi. I am Chaturvedi. What are you, Mr Maurya?

Student : I am doing an M.B.A. from this college.

Teacher : Vikash, what do you think about making waves in sports?

Student : It’s too bad, sir!

Teacher : Why? What happened?

Student : That terror carnage….. In Mumbai.

Teacher : Oh that? Yes of course, that was too horrible. So many innocent lives were lost and the nation watched on helplessly.

Student : Not only that, that also upset the India-England cricket series. Tourists have started avoiding India.

Teacher : Really! The last two ODI’s had to be canceled.

Student : Ironically then when India was on a winning spree. We could well have clinched the series 7-0.

Teacher : Hopefully! And then there was such confusion over the test series too. Actually the English players got scared.

Student : That was but natural. Thank god the authorities finally managed to salvage it… by changing the venues of both the tests.

Teacher : And the series could start in Chennai. Sports I’d say are coming alive gradually. A good sign for the youth isn’t it.

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Student : Absolutely! And you know? Last week the football legend Diego Maradona was also in India.

Teacher : Oh yes, I watched on T.V. The Argentine soccer star had visited Kolkata, the soccer capital of India.

Student : Did you see, sir, how he turned the entire Kolkata crazy?

Teacher : That was indeed unbelievable. More than 50,000 crazy fans spent a sleepless night at the airport.

Student : And around 80,000 turned up at the Salt Lake stadium at the time of his felicitation.

Teacher : Actually Maradona himself was spell-bound. He had never expected such a warm welcome.

Student : Very true! A deeply touched Maradona overflowed in Bangla and said, “Bharat amaar desh, Kolkata ke ami bhalo bashi.”

Teacher : And think of it, he came too at a time when the world was shunning it…. for security reasons. I really love his spirit.

Student : That’s the sportsman’s sprit! And you know? There’s been another good news about Indian sports, from golf.

Teacher : Well, I don’t know about golf. But yes I have heard Jeev Milkha Singh’s name. Is this about him?

Student : Damn right! Jeev has won the Nippon Series Golf title.

Teacher : Wow, that’s wonderful! He must be India’s top golfer.

Student : Without a doubt! In fact he had won the title in 2006 too. And in this session, it is his fourth title.

Teacher : Amazing! It feels great to see India making waves in so many sports other than cricket.

Student : So, shall we now hope…. India regains its lost glory in hockey too? Okay come on,  let’s pray.

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