English Bolne Ka Tarika

English Bolne Ka Sabse Aasan Tarika

Above all : सबसे अधिक / After all : चाहे जो हो / All in all : सर्वेसर्वा / All the same : एक ही महत्व का / All over : सभी जगह / Along with : साथ-साथ / All along : शुरु से अंत तक / All day long : दिन भर / At once : तुरंत / At home in : निपुण / At random : बिना लक्ष्य के / As usual : सदा की भाँति / At the latest : अंतिम समय / At heart : दिल से / At the top of : उच्चतम स्वर में /

Accompany ( साथ देना ) : Accompanied by all saints and nagas.Congregation ( धार्मिक समाज ): bringing the entire congregation almost to a halt (पड़ाव).

Onlooker ( तमाशबीन ) : one onlooker from Belgium, when asked about his experience, quipped (ठठा मारना), ” I have never seen such a large crowd.

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Beckoned ( संकेत किया ) : their destination was sangam where a holy dip they believed would free them all their sins. Faith beckoned them all

Basic English speaking words :

Revolted ( विद्रोह करना ): He revolted against the ruling the BJP leadership.Rival ( विरोधी ): in the rival camps.To probe ( जाँच करना ): He is going to probe into this matter.Herd ( भीड़ लगाना ): His camp herded its MLAs Ostensibly ( प्रकट रुप से / जाहिर तौर पर )

Betrayal ( विश्वासघात): It will be betrayalOf people’s trust.Constituencies ( मतदाताओं ) / Constitutio (संविधान )Deny ( अस्वीकार करना / गलत ठहराना )Allegation ( आरोप )At behest of ( के आदेश पर )Betray ( विश्वासघात करना )

Contempt ( मानहानि): It issued a contempt of court notice against a sitting High court.Disgracing ( अपमान / कलंकित करना ): disgracing the judicial institute.

Scurrilous ( अपमान जनक ): for his scurrilous letters against cognisance ( संज्ञान )Defend ( बचाना ): to defend himRefrain ( बचना / अलग करना ): to refrain forthwith (तत्काल ) from undertaking any judicial.

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Extent ( सीमा / हद ): try to understand the extent of its own constitutional power.Render ( प्रस्तुत करना ): I am forced to render assistance on february.

Spoken English vocabulary :

Plunder : लूटमार Predecessor : पूर्वाधिकारी ( Said his predecessor knew ) Stating : बताते हुए ( stating that Dr. Singh remained untouched )Report : वर्णन करना ( while a series of scams were reported during the Congress regimes : शासन काल )

Infuriated : क्रूध्द करना / व्यथित ( Infuriated over the remark, the Congress member walked out of the Rajya SabhaForeseeable : निकट ( foreseeable future – Congress leader told the Hindu that the party would boycott Mr. Modi for the foreseeable future .)

Blot : दाग ( despite all that there was not even a single blot on him. )Extolling : गुणगान करना ( Personnel are extolling the beauty benefits of wearing helmets to women violators : नियम का उलंघन करने वाले )

Brittle : नाजूक ( my hair would became dry and brittle )Tack : नीति ( Many traffic districts are trying this tack to increase helmet compliance : अनुपालन among women)Deploy : तैनात करना ( a head constable deployed near the udyog Bhawan traffic signal )

How to improve English : Learn all these words.

(1) At sixes and sevens – तितर-बितर जब मैं कमरे में दाखिल हुआ तो मैंने देखा कि सब कुछ तितर-बितर पड़ा हुआ था ।( When I entered the room, I found everything at sixes and sevens. )

(2) As yet – अभी तक अभी तक तुम कहां थे ? ( As yet where were you ? )

(3) At any rate – किसी भी किमत पर मै इसे किसी भी किमत पर करुँगी । ( I will do it at any rate. )

(4) By hook or by crook – गलत या सही किसी ढंग से करना तुम इसे गलत या सही ढंग से कर सकते हो।( You can do it by hook or by crook. )

(5) From head to foot – ऊपर से नीचे तकतुम ऊपर से नीचे तक अच्छे दिख रहे हो ।( You are looking handsome from head to foot. )

(6) Hustle and bustle – चहल-पहलमेरे कॉलेज में हमेशा बहुत चहल-पहल रहती है ।( There is always a lot of hustle and bustle in my college. )

(7) To act pricey – भाव खाना तुम बहुत भाव खा रहे हो । ( You are acting pricey. )

(8) To fuss over – नखरे उठाना Don’t fuss over him.( उसके ज्यादा नखरे मत उठाओ । )

(9) तकदीर का लिखा मिट नहीं सकता । ( What is allotted can’t be bloated.)

(10) To mince – घुमा फिरा कर बातों को घुमा फिरा कर मत कहो । ( Don’t mince your word.)

(11) Contempt – मानहानि (It issued a Contempt of court notice against a sitting High Court.)

(12) Scurrilous – अपमानजनक ( for his scurrilous letter against cognisance -संज्ञान )

(13) Extent – सीमा / हदTry to understand the extent of its own constitutional powers. )

(14) Render – प्रस्तुत करना ( I am forced to render assistance on February. )

(15) Plunder – लूटमार ( Targeting Manmohan Singh for having termed demonetization ” loot ” and ” plunder “)

Easy way to speak English fluently : Increase your word power.

  • तुम ज्यादा पंडिताई मत दिखाओ ।Don’t show off your knowledge.
  • उसमें जरा भी घमण्ड नहीं है । He is very down to earth.
  • Ear-wax – कान का मैल
  • To stagger – लड़खड़ाना
  • To feel giddy – चक्कर आना / खाना
  • To squabble – तू-तू, मै-मै करना
  • High-walled mansion- ऊँची दिवारों से घिरी हुई हवेली ।
  • The rest of – बाकी / शेष
  • Abounding in – से भरपूर Ex. Sea abounds in all kinds of animals.( समुंद्र सभी प्रकार के जानवरों से भरा होता है । )
  • Above all – खासकर / मुख्यत :Ex. Above all, don’t mention this to Hari.( खासकर, हरी से इस बारे में चर्चा मत करना । )
  • Predecessor – पूर्वाधिकारी
  • Stating – बताते हुए ( stating that Dr. Singh remained untouched. )
  • Report – वर्णन करना
  • Regimes- शासनकाल

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